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The normobaric chamber at the Oxygen SPA

What is the chamber that will help you care for your health?

The normobaric chamber offered by the Oxygen SPA is a modern way of caring for your health. The core of its operation is much more effective uptake of oxygen by the body than under natural conditions. This device is different than the hyperbaric chamber that has been known for years – and that has significant limitations. A normobaric chamber is a set of modern rooms and a lock system that allows the passage from the outside pressure (ca. 1000 hPa) to the internal pressure of the chamber (ca. 1500 hPa). This solution allows entry of the chamber and departing it at any time and independent of the conditions outside.

Health-promoting air

The normobaric chamber lets you breath a mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen that is optimum for your health.

The health-promoting air ‘envelops’ the body of the patient under luxury conditions – in a spacious, comfortable room – thanks to this the session not only improves your health, but it also provides relaxation. The ambient parameters in the normobaric chamber are not attainable in the natural environment. In addition, according to most modern research, they are considered to be the most advantageous for the improvement of the health and the regeneration of the human body:

  • oxygen: 32% - 40%,
  • carbon dioxide: 0,7% - 1,9%,
  • particulate hydrogen: 0.5% - 1%.

Normobatic medicine vs a hyperbaric chamber

A hyperbaric chamber is a device that requires the supervision of medical personnel. It provides different conditions than a normobaric chamber does. A session in such a chamber is also definitely less comfortable, and requires the use of the mask and getting sealed in a capsule – something that is not comfortable for certain users. A normobaric chamber is a comfortable room, in which – under comfortable conditions – relaxing, two-hour session may take place. The air in the normobaric chamber is enriched with hydrogen particles that are very important for the human body. Why is the normobaric chamber better?

  • spacious room instead of a cramped capsule,
  • less invasive air parameters, enriched with hydrogen particles,
  • no need for medical personnel to be present due to optimal parameters for the inside the chamber,
  • comfortable entry through the lock, equalising pressure between the chamber and the outside.
Against many ailments

Target group

Many customers of normobaric therapy are very active people who regularly exercise, or even professional sportspeople. A normobaric chamber is a great solution also to those that require aid in fighting various ailments, and need help to get healthy again.

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The Poznań normobaric chamber is the place, where you will rest from the pace of everyday life. The place, where you will care for your health and enjoy the benefits of normobaric therapy.


The normobaric chamber in Mogilno is a great and modern facility, created to help the local population expand health care, help the treatment of diseases and become a place of relaxation.

Normobaric chamber

Oxygen SPA – comfort and luxury for health care

Our normobaric chambers are created in such a way so that sessions did not look like medical treatment at all.

During a session in the chamber, after you pass the lock normalising ambient parameters, you spend time in a modern room, in which you can relax and unwind. You can expect:

  • comfortable and elegant armchairs,
  • a pleasingly designed, bright space,
  • peace and quiet guaranteeing relaxation.
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Normobaric chamber

The perfect place for your body

Session comfort and safety
Health benefits of air
Care for long life and relaxation

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