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COVID-19 along with all its variations influences the body significantly. The patient requires special care both during the infection, as well as during recovery. At present, latest research shows that oxygen therapy under increased pressure significantly and positively improves e. g. treatment of patients going through Covid-19.

In terms of Covid-19, the normobaric chamber has even broader applications in case of those that have already been cured of the virus, but continue to feel certain specific symptoms over the next few weeks or months:

  • drop in energy levels following a COVID-19 infection,
  • muscle weakness after Covid-19,
  • embolisms in the blood vessels following the infection,
  • polyneuropathy after Covid-19,
  • pulmonary fibrosis and ventricular fibrillation after Covid-19.

The use of the normobaric chamber is first of all safe for patients who have been healed from the novel coronavirus disease. Regular sessions accelerate recovery, improve the body’s capacity, and allow the patient to quickly regain the form they had before the illness.

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