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How to prepare for a session in Mogilno

Oxygen SPA

The advantages of the normobaric chamber

The normobaric chamber in “CITY” is an absolute innovation, created to help the local population expand health care, help the treatment of diseases they are fighting with, and to become a place of relaxation, a unique kind of SPA that they never had access to. The chamber is favourably located – in Niezłomni Street, close to the city centre, and it can be comfortably reached – so that anybody could profit from the beneficial influence of normobaric medicine on the body without difficulties.

If you are fighting a disease, if you are a professional sportsperson, senior, if you care about your long-term health or need to counter stress that is frequently caused by the pace of life, then a session in the normobaric chamber is suitable for you. The facility at Niezłomni street will provide you with professional personnel to remove your doubts and care for the session to provide the be effects for your health.

Jak się przygotować do sesji Mogilno
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How to prepare for a session?

Neither the first session in a normobaric chamber, nor any further sessions, require special preparation. There are, however, certain things that you should know in order for your session to be as comfortable as possible.

  • What to wear in order to feel comfortable during the session?

    Just dress comfortably. The normobaric chamber is a place where you should feel comfortable, so pick the clothes that provide you with a feeling of freedom and comfortable. There is nothing against doing a session in a suit or office dress – this may happen if you come to a normobaric session straight from work. However, remember to wear something comfortable, clothes that provide you with freedom. Remember that the average perceived temperature at the chamber is ca. 20 °C, and it may fluctuate at times. It is always good to have a pullover or long-sleeve blouse along. The normobaric chamber is a place where you should feel as comfortably as possible and relax, forget your problems and worries. It is worth dressing for the moment.

    Before you enter, you will be asked to put on overshoes, which we will naturally provide.

  • What temperatures are to be expected?

    This is a good question before a normobaric session. The chamber usually has a temperature of ca. 22-23 °C, however, due to the air-conditioning system installed inside, the mentioned perceived temperature is 20 °C.

    When you exit the chamber, the temperature drops – hence the piece of advice we mentioned earlier: a pullover or loose long-sleeved blouse are recommended.

  • What to do if you hear a hum in your ears when entering or leaving through the lock?

    As there is a different atmosphere in the chamber (different content of oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and, primarily, different pressure) than outside, when you enter a session and end it, you have to spend a few minutes in the lock. This is necessary for the ambient conditions to equalise. This is the only moment during the session, when you might feel some discomfort – the pressure will change, it will be increased when you enter the normobaric chamber, and it will drop when you exit. There are persons that feel no change – just like in case of air travel, however, there are those who will notice the difference. For instance, if you have an inflammation of the sinuses, you might feel discomfort in your ears. Naturally, this is no hindrance against a session in the normobaric chamber, and you can handle the discomfort itself by various means – perhaps you know them from air travel already:

    • take along a bottle of water that you will slowly sip, and/ or bubble gum or a piece of favourite hard candy. This should be sufficient in most cases;
    • close your mouth, close your nose tightly with your fingers and blow the air out through your nose. Repeat this until you hear the characteristic ‘pop’ sound of your ears becoming unplugged,
    • close your nose with your fingers tightly and swallow your saliva. If you have travelled by plane with children, then you definitely know this simple yet effective method. It also works the same for adults;
    • mix the above two methods: close your mouth, close your nose, blow air out through it, and at the same time – swallow your saliva.

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