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Normobatic medicine vs a hyperbaric chamber

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Normobatic medicine vs a hyperbaric chamber

A hyperbaric chamber is a device that requires the supervision of medical personnel. It provides different conditions than a normobaric chamber does. A session in such a chamber is also definitely less comfortable, and requires the use of the mask and getting sealed in a capsule – something that is not comfortable for certain users. A normobaric chamber is a comfortable room, in which – under comfortable conditions – relaxing, two-hour session may take place. The air in the normobaric chamber is enriched with hydrogen particles that are very important for the human body.

  • spacious room instead of a cramped capsule,
  • less invasive air parameters, enriched with hydrogen particles,
  • no need for medical personnel to be present due to optimal parameters for the inside the chamber,
  • comfortable entry through the lock, equalising pressure between the chamber and the outside.
Normobaria a komora hiperbaryczna

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