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Important information

What do I have to know before a normobaric chamber session?

Treatment in the normobaric chamber has a scientifically proven, positive influence on the human body. It is not called the chamber of life without reason.

The volume of ailments and diseases, in the treatment of which it helps, and its preventive activity, is very broad, and one can safely say that it is a medicine for everyone! There is however a minor group of contraindications against sessions in the normobaric chamber. These are:

  • inflammation of the ear,
  • active infections of the upper respiratory tract,
  • infectious diseases,
  • excess fatigue and exertion,
  • heavy sinus inflammation,
  • pneumonitis,
  • abscess of the lungs,
  • fungal diseases of the respiratory system,
  • active or past tumour – normobaric therapy facilitates the treatment of cancer, however, it must take place in consultation with your head physician.

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