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  1. Any person who would like to make use of the normobaric chamber must, before entering, acquaint themselves with the contraindications against oxygen therapy, such as severe sinus inflammation, severe ear infection, inflammation of the optic nerve, pneumothorax, pregnancy, recovery directly following a cataract operation, a viral infection, hypoglycaemia with diabetes, influence of alcohol, intoxicants or any other medical drugs that may cause disturbances of consciousness.
  2. Having acquainted themselves with the contraindications and having accepted the influence of these contraindications, any person wishing to make use of an oxygen therapy session is obliged to enter the normobaric chamber at their own responsibility.
  3. Persons currently experiencing infections of the upper airways are kindly requested to defer their sessions (visits) to the Oxygen SPA until their full recovery, for hygiene reasons.
  4. Any person willing to enter the normobaric chamber is asked to inform the personnel of their current health, any potential pregnancy, slowed heart rate or individual or coexisting diseases.
  5. Each person is asked to maintain silence and calmness during the oxygen therapy session.
  6. Please arrange visit bookings by phone or the website at
  7. The fee for the use of the Oxygen SPA services is indicated and settled before the service.
  8. It is forbidden to touch the equipment, instruments and technical machinery at the normobaric chamber.
  9. The use of open flame, sparks or any other activities that could cause ignition is forbidden.
  10. All contact with the service personnel is done by the internal phone system. The internal phone units are found: on the table in the Relax room, o on the wall at the door in the VIP Room and at the lock on the wall by the chamber door. Please select ‘1’ to contact the reception desk.
  11. The Customer bears full financial responsibility for all damage caused by their actions against the provisions of the Regulations.
  12. It is forbidden to use any tobacco or electronic smoking products, and to consume alcohol and any meals in the normobaric chamber and in the reception area. Failure to adhere to these regulations is penalised with a fine of PLN 50.000.
  13. It is recommended not to bring any liquids with atomisers into the chamber, e. g. perfume, toilet water, deodorants, electronic cigarettes, etc.
  14. In order for the toilet at the chamber to operate properly, it is forbidden to use it to dispose of personal hygiene products other than used toilet paper. Other products, such as e. g. hand towels, sanitary pads, tampons are disposed of in the waste basked. Clogged toilets that will cause the shredder to be clogged, will cause a fine of PLN 10.000
  15. Children under the age of 16 may use the chamber/ attend sessions in the company of parents or caretakers. Parents and caretakers must provide sufficient care for the children at the Site. All damage by the children is covered in full by their legal guardians or parents.
  16. When entering or leaving the Oxygen SPA, the customers are accompanied directly or assisted by service personnel. Entry procedures take place every 2 hours, e. g. sessions take place according to the following schedule: 8.00 - 10.00, 10.00-12.00, 12.00. - 14.00, 14.00 - 16:00, 16:00 - 18:00, 20.00 - 22:00
  17. The Customer should arrive 15 minutes before the planned commencement of the normobaric session. All delays in the timely arrival will cause the reservation to be cancelled.
  18. Should it become necessary to leave the Oxygen SPA immediately, the personnel is notified by house phone, or, as a last resort, the user presses the red emergency button on the wall in the normobaric chamber. In such a case, the normobaric chamber is evacuated within 4 minutes, and the entrance will open automatically. Note: It is forbidden to use the emergency button without due cause, as this will be fined with a penalty of PLN 10.000.
  19. Personnel has the right to reject performance of the services at the Oxygen SPA in case the personnel would discover substantiated cause for such a decline (e. g. infection or condition indicating alcohol consumption).
  20. CCTV systems are installed in the normobaric chamber and in the reception area. The basis for the operation of the CCTV service is the provision of security against any actions that could harm the property of the company and customers, and assurance of safety of administrative documentation. Information collected by way of the CCTV system may not be used for purposes other than indicated above. It is stated that all effort has been made for the CCTV systems to impinge upon the privacy of customers to as limited extent as possible.
  21. Conditions in the chamber are as follows: oxygen 36% - 40%, carbon dioxide (CO2) 0,7% - 2%, hydrogen 0,45% - 0,60%
  22. A session lasts 2 hours.
  23. The personnel may request the Customer to wear a disposable face mask, disposable shoes and to disinfect hands before entering the Site.
  24. Use of our services entails Customer acceptance of the present Regulations and obligation to adhere to the rules in force.


  1. I hereby declare that I have acquainted myself with the provided Regulations on the provision of services related to Oxygen SPA sessions at the normobaric chamber (the ‘Regulations’), and the Information Statement, and that I accept the conditions of the service and I oblige myself to adhere to the provisions stated therein (in particular in terms of Customer obligations).
  2. I oblige myself to adhere to the Regulations at the Site, and to apply to all instructions of the personnel or representatives of the Oxygen SPA. In addition I state that there are no indications against the use of normobaric chambers for me.
  3. I am aware of the fact that an Oxygen SPA session is not a form of medical treatment.
  4. I state that I use the Oxygen SPA chamber at my own responsibility, and that I am fully aware of all consequences or hazards related to the failure to adhere to the Regulations, to failure to adhere to instructions of the Site personnel or to failure to disclose any significant facts about my health.



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