s p a   t l e n o w e


Target group


Without a doubt, sessions in the normobaric chamber are a wonder for the health of seniors. The usage of the chamber supports the functioning of the body, reinforces it and slows down the ageing process, as proven by many independent research works.

Research is ongoing on its efficacy in the course of Alzheimer’s disease, which show much promise. In addition, sessions in the normobaric chamber indicate a health improvement effect in case of many diseases of the elderly, such as:

  • diseases related to insufficient oxygenation of tissue,
  • treatment of swelling,
  • diseases of the circulatory system: sclerosis, hypertension,
  • diseases of the nervous system,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • improvement of the body’s overall health.

In care for the health of a senior, it is worthwhile to enable them to use the normobaric chamber not only in case of clearly visible diseases, but for the general improbement of the health and well-being.

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