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Air content

Air content

Health-promoting air

The normobaric chamber lets you breath a mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen that is optimum for your health.

The health-promoting air ‘envelops’ the body of the patient under luxury conditions – in a spacious, comfortable room – thanks to this the session not only improves your health, but it also provides relaxation. The ambient parameters in the normobaric chamber are not attainable in the natural environment. In addition, according to most modern research, they are considered to be the most advantageous for the improvement of the health and the regeneration of the human body:

  • oxygen: 32% - 40%,
  • carbon dioxide: 0,7% - 1,9%,
  • particulate hydrogen: 0.5% - 1%.
Skład powietrza
Key parameters for the body The Earth’s atmosphere The hyperbaric chamber Oxygen SPA
optimum conditions
for your body
oxygen content 20% 22% - 90% 32% - 40%
carbon dioxide content 0,036% 0,03% - 0,08% 0,7% - 1,9%
hydrogen content 0,03% 0,5% 0,5%, up to. 1%
pressure mean 1000 hPa 1500 - 3000 hPa 1500 hPa

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