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Target group


Normobaric chamber sessions are used by many professional sportspeople.

Treatment in the chamber does not only regenerate the body after intense physical effort, but also calms and relaxes, but it primarily improves tolerance to physical exertion and improves biochemical parameters. This type of therapy is recommended in course of recovery after injuries. According to research of 2019, regular sessions at the chamber improve the following:

  • sleep quality, reduction of fatigue and improvement of cognitive capacities,
  • body mass drop, BMI value drop, reduction of the fatty tissue content,
  • improvement of tolerance to physical exertion,
  • improvement of reaction efficiency under specific conditions,
  • improvement of biochemical parameters.

If sport is your passion and you are set to achieve improvements in your results, therapy at the normobaric chamber will certainly help you achieve your goal and will efficiently regenerate your body.

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